For many homes, the driveway takes up a large section of the front yard and is one of the first things that residents and visitors will see when entering the property. Oddly enough, driveway restoration is highly neglected, as more focus is placed on other areas such as gardens and fences.

If left alone, most driveways will get dirty, as moss, bird droppings, dirt and even oil marks start to build up. As most driveways are one consistent colour, any stains will stand out very easily. These stains can also create a hazard, as they make the driveway slippery, particularly in the wet.

driveway clear coating

Believe it or not, the photos above are of the same driveway – it has received the Stain Eaters driveway restoration and clear coating services. Such brilliant results are obtainable for most driveways.

The first step is to remove the existing sealer – this involves breaking the molecular structure and removing stains which have become imbedded deep in the pavement, concrete or sandstone surface.

Different stains require different methods to draw them out; we will apply a proprietary cleaning solution that was designed to remove the specific type of stain/s present on your driveway.

The type of coating you require will depend on a number of factors, such as the desired appearance, the amount of traffic, life span and budget.  Many families or the elderly opt for an anti-slip coating for safety during winter.

With occasional cleaning, the restored driveway will look this way for at least five years.  Any new stains that occur will be easier to remove, and wear from traffic and UV sun light will be significantly reduced.

The Stain Eaters perform driveway clear coating in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.  Make your neighbours envious and make an appointment with the Stain Eaters today!