Does your property have a stencil or pattern driveway that is looking faded and worn?

Over time exposure to the elements and the constant everyday wear and tear can cause these surfaces to wear and weather quite dramatically.

In turn, this opens up the surface making it more porous which then allows water to soak deep into the cement and eventually can cause structural damage.

Signs of this process starting to happen are cracks and breaks in the cement, or in the case of stencil-crete the top layer can start to lift and blister.

By applying the correct sealer product to such areas, you can prevent this damage and weathering from happening, and greatly increase the life and look of the paved area.

Driveway sealers can also bring the colour back to certain types of driveway finishes, and totally transform the look of the property.

Give our customer service team a call to find out more about how this process can help your paved areas.