People walk and ride on pavements, which often hold water and dirt after rain, and are regularly splashed with paint, oil and other staining liquids.  The outcome over time is a greyed, stained and / or mouldy pavement which significantly detracts from the look of your premises.

We hear of many cases where the building owner simply rips up the shoddy looking concrete or pavers, and replaces with a brand new surface.  However, this is very costly compared to engaging The Stain Eaters to perform a comprehensive pavement clean.  Below you can see photos of a pavement clean undertaken in the outdoor living area of one of our client’s homes.  It is a significant improvement, which can be made to last even longer by the application of appropriate surface sealant.

The image to the right is another example of paving cleaning performed by The Stain Eaters in the front of an industrial property.  Looks good as new!  We clean pavers of all types, concrete, and other paving surfaces.pavement-cleaning-example2

When cleaning your paving, The Stain Eaters technicians don’t just utilise high pressure water, we first inspect the surface in order to determine the cause of any stains.  Secondly we apply the correct solutions to the stains in order to draw them out of the surface.  Thirdly, we use water under high pressure to remove & collect the waste material.

Sounds messy!?  The Stain Eaters fully licensed technicians are careful to protect the area surrounding the paving, as well as the paving surface during the cleaning process, and will leave your premises in a better state than when we arrived … complete with clean paving!  We are fully insured and will arrange all permits and footpath closures, which may be required by your council.

Call The Stain Eaters now to freshen up your pavement areas and improve the look of your property.