The hidden cost of oil stain removal

Noticed any unusual oil stains in your garage or on you driveway lately?

Nothing is quite as frustoil stain removalrating as pulling your car out of the driveway and noticing a big oil stain right where you were parked. Not only are you looking at car repairs, you have an unsightly stain to deal with too!

After receiving our much needed rain recently, some driveways are starting to show the rainbow glow of a tell tale oil leak in your car and if not attended to quickly could be a costly mistake.

Extensive research by our Engineering Department has developed a range of processes and equipment to clean up your worst problem spills, quickly and environmentally safely. Whether your problem is oil spots on a driveway or a major oil spill over a road, our team can organise the road closure, contain oil spread, chemically neutralise to restore the substrate, vacuum collect and safely discharge the waste without harm to the environment.

Oil stains look unsightly on any driveway and are dangerous slip hazards. They can be difficult to remove because oil is able to soak in and penetrate deep into porous masonry surfaces like concrete, bitumen and clay pavers. The type of oil effects the method used in removal. Hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, cooking oil and carbonised engine oil that has gone through the combustion process, all require different processes.

Unfortunately it only takes one incorrect process to permanently stain many surfaces. It is important that oil is removed from the surface as soon as possible to prevent deep penetration. If you are unfortunate enough to sustain a spill, cover the area with sand, saw dust or kitty litter to soak up as much oil as possible. Our team can clean this up and dispose of responsibly on arrival.

If you have an oil stain you need removed, give the Experts at Stain Eaters a call on 1300 305 307 today for a free quick quote.

Oil Stain Removal, You want it off? We’ll get it off!