Cement floor areas in warehouses and factories often face constant traffic from forklifts and exposure to spills and leaks.

All of these can combine to make for a very dirty and stained floor surface which can be very difficult to get clean, particularly with ordinary cleaning methods.

However, through the use of specialist cleaning solutions like the ones our technicians carry on their surface restoration vehicles, we can treat and clean away virtually any hard surface stain.

Stains like the one pictured here where the combination of product spillage, oil leak and forklift tyres, have over time left behind a very ugly stain.

As this is also located inside a large warehouse with products stored close by, we can treat and clean areas like this one and keep all waste water under control with vacuum units and dispose of waste water outside.

If you’re warehouse or factory floor is in desperate need of a good clean, call our team today and arrange for a technician to come and provide you with a quote.