If you have an outdoor area at your home that has a timber deck, then you probably like spending lots of time out there during the summer months and enjoying the long evenings during daylight saving.

However, like many people that own a timber deck, you’re probably not keen on spending time and energy on regularly sanding and re-staining the deck to keep it looking good.

It is highly recommended that a deck is re-stained every few years to protect the timber from the elements. In some cases, it can be necessary to perform this maintenance every 12 months. For example, timber decks that are around a swimming pool will need treatments much more often due to the effect that the pool water will have on the timber and the decking oil.

The Stain Eaters team performs many timber deck rejuvenation jobs each year, and our technicians are highly skilled at both the preparation of the timber and the application of the stain or oil.

The effects of moisture and UV on exposed decking will quickly turn unprotected timber into dry, cracked and warped wood.

By keeping your timber deck protected from the elements, you ensure that it will last for many years and keep looking great, and in the long run it will cost you much less than the cost of rebuilding a deck that has not been looked after.

This also applies to other outdoor timber areas like wood fences, feature walls and timber benches. Our team can take care of all these areas for you, so they are ready and in great condition when the time comes for you to get outside and relax.