Pressure cleaning hard surfaces like cement and bricks can seem like a very simple job that anyone can perform. However, there is a real risk that permanent damage can be caused to the surface of these areas if the work isn’t done carefully.

As you can see in the photo here, this cement pathway has been pressure cleaned using a spin-jet unit. Unfortunately, the person that performed the work didn’t have the machine set to the correct pressure which has left pitted scar marks on the surface.

In addition to this, the speed at which the spin-jet unit was moved and changes of direction performed has left the area covered in circular marks from the jets in the cleaning unit.

These marks have now permanently scarred the surface of this pathway.

This not only leaves the path looking bad due to these marks, but now dirt and grime can quickly build up in the pitted surface which will cause the area to look even dirtier than it did before the cleaning attempt was performed.

So if you’re looking to have areas around your property pressure cleaned, be sure you only trust a highly experienced company that has highly trained technicians to perform the work.

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