A motor mechanic in Adelaide had to have a stern word with his apprentice who failed to tighten the sump plug on a car he had just serviced. The car owner drove the car home and parked the car on his driveway which resulted in a large oil stain on his pebblecrete driveway the next morning.

The pebblecrete driveway was only three years old and the owner was not impressed with the dealer’s mistake. To the mechanics credit, he didn’t try to fix the problem himself; instead enlisted the experienced services of the Stain Eaters.

The oil stain was successfully extracted from the pebblecrete driveway using a unique combination of cleaning solutions developed in house by the Stain Eaters chemists.  After removal of the oil stain, the cleaned section stood out due to the clear pebblecrete surface coating being effected in the cleaning process. The Stain Eater team then prepared the entire driveway and applied a new clear sealer which gave the pebblecrete a fresh new consistent look.

The home owner was very happy with the look of the driveway – restored to look like new.


Because the home owner was impressed with the result achieved and appreciated the mechanic’s effort to correct the problem professionally, he has continued to have his car serviced by the same mechanic.  End result: the mechanic’s reputation is intact and his future business is unaffected by the mishap.

The Stain Eaters attend to cleaning jobs like the one described above within Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney – no job is too difficult.