With the on-going COVID-19 coronavirus situation affecting everyone’s daily life, we are going to see many long lasting changes in the way we live in order to keep such germs and viruses under control.

Regular sanitisation and disinfecting of commonly used areas will need to become a normal occurrence, with areas like park facilities, playgrounds, schools and commercial property common areas amongst the main groups of locations that will need to be treated.

For the treating and sterilising of external property areas, we have 3 main treatment processes available.

Heavily Soiled Organic Removal

This process use a soap detergent and hot water pressure cleaning, and is ideal for cleaning large external areas like pathways, play grounds, carparks, tables and seats, smoking areas and other common areas.

It is extremely effective in breaking down and removing soiled organic build up that can contain viruses which may prevent the effectiveness of the disinfecting process.

It also breaks down the covalent bonds in the COVID-19 virus.

Industrial Disinfecting

This involves the use of a Hospital Grade Disinfectant treatment followed by a Cold Water Pressure Rinse, and is a quality process that disinfects common touch surfaces like BBQ’s, playgrounds, tables and seats, supermarket trolleys, etc.

Industrial Sanitising

This step is the final rinse sanitiser performed after treatment and washing programs listed above. It is also suitable for food preparation and kitchen areas.

It is a Biocidal Activity against gram positive and gram negative organisms, and can be applied through fogger machine for fast and regular application.

With our team fully trained and equipped to perform sanitisation and disinfecting treatments, speak to our customer service team to arrange for an inspection of your property.