When your product is food and you are responsible to maintain it at the correct temperature and under the correct environmental conditions, mould growth is one of your greatest enemies.

Mould can contaminate food making it poisonous to humans. It is critically important that cool room and freezer room internal and external wall linings are cleaned regularly to remove the mould spores that develop over time.

The Stain Eaters have developed a mould removal process that uses a cleaning solution to breakdown and soften the mould releasing it from the powder coated Colorbond surface.

This service is utilised by most of the cool room warehouse companies around Australia to ensure they comply with the stringent food handling standards.

Regardless of the height, operating hours and site logistics, The Stain Eaters can be relied upon to get the job done.

Working around electrical conduits, electrical rapid door motors, evaporative cooling units and semi trailer loading docks is all part of the challenge.