The look of a recently completed building project is a great site, with all the newly laid cement and pavers standing out against the landscaped gardens.

Construction sites are always a very busy place, with dozens of contractor teams onsite at any one time and workers coming and going from all areas of the property.

As these projects near completion, there are always a number of external jobs that need to be finished off in the final days, like the landscaping work for example.

This commonly leads to a lot of dirt stains across areas of the new cement paths and pavers, which is not a good look for the building hand over.

The cleaning of all external hard surfaces is one of The Stain Eaters specialties, and our team can work with your project supervisors to perform the final clean up of the site and surfaces to ensure that the property is looking it’s absolute best on hand over day.

We have specially designed surface restoration vehicles that allow our technicians to perform a wide range of surface cleaning work including hot water pressure cleaning, and vacuum waste recovery.

Another common problem on construction sites are things like paint spills and cement splatters from the building process. Again, our team can take care of the treating and cleaning of such tough stains and marks to get all problematic areas looking great.

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