A specialist cement floor coating is a great way to not only protect the concrete from things like oil stains and tyre marks, but also transforms the area into a great entertainment or play zone.

There are many types of concrete sealers and epoxy coatings available with a wide range of colours, textures and also anti-slip options.

Once applied, these sealers and coatings are incredibly hard wearing and seal out moisture, oils, grease, paint and just about anything else you can throw at them.

A popular option for garage floors is a painted base coat with a flake additive. This gives extra life to the single colour sealer and the end result is an amazing look that will add value to your home.

Regardless if the coating is being applied to brand new cement or years old concrete that has already had a lot of use, the area will require proper treatment, cleaning and preparation in order to get the best adhesion to the substrate and maximise the life of the coating.

This can involve things like treating oil stains and properly extracting them from deep within the concrete, or in the case of brand new cement it may be necessary to lightly grind the surface to remove the soft upper layer that has not yet has any exposure to wear.

It is only through correct preparation of the substrate that a great and long lasting result can be achieved. Once this step is complete and the area has had time to fully dry, the coating application process can be done.

Our team of Technicians can take care of the complete job from cleaning and preparing the area, to the final application.

We have specialist cleaning solutions that can take care of oil and grease stains to ensure no contamination of the area is left prior to coating.

If you’d like to give your garage floor a new look, call our team to arrange for a no obligation quote.