Large, heavy duty shade sails have become a common sight at commercial properties like shopping centres, as well as public spaces like parks and playgrounds.

These really help improve the usability of such areas, and encourage people to spend more time at the location by protecting them from harsh sun as well as rain.

Like any surface that is left exposed to the elements, these shade sails will become grotty over time as dust settles on the surface which in turn allows mould to form and grow leaving them looking filthy and un-healthy.

This results in a poor overall appearance of the location, which can have an effect on people’s impression of the space and potentially harm businesses in the facility.

As these shade sales are often fixed high above the facility, and are extremely large and heavy, taking these down to be cleaned is not an easily performed task and in some cases not even an option.

Through the use of our specialist surface restoration vehicles and pressure cleaning equipment, our technicians can perform the cleaning of such surfaces in place and reduce the time and cost involved to have the job completed.

As all our technicians are fully licensed to work at heights and operate elevated work platforms, they can get up to high areas and deep clean all surfaces to eradicate all surface grime leaving the shade sales and roof areas in great condition.

In addition to this, The Stain Eaters team can put together an on-going maintenance agreement to perform such tasks on an agreed schedule to ensure your property stays looking it’s best all year round.

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