Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is difficult work! Heat, steam and condensation can make a surface attract all kinds of stains. These stains not only look unsightly, stains such as mould are a health hazard. When left untouched, these stains can harm the health of your employees, infect food and harm your customers, and lead to legal action and loss of reputation.

Most kitchen managers schedule a cleaning service to visit nightly, however this may just comprise mopping, wiping and removal of rubbish. Stubborn stains don’t receive specialist treatment and key areas such as cool rooms are rarely included.

Deep cleaning of floor and walls

commercial kitchen cleaning

I’m often contacted by executive chefs or managers of commercial food production kitchens who have noticed the gradual accumulation of grime and wish to have their kitchen floors and walls completely cleaned and sanitised before the health department comes knocking.

To achieve the best results, we recommend high pressure cleaning. However in an enclosed and sometimes crowded environment, care must be used. We use surface restoration vehicles with extra-long hoses, boiler systems for high water temperatures and vacuum recovery systems to collect water and ensure your kitchen isn’t left dripping wet!

Cool Rooms

commercial cool room cleaning

kitchen mould removal

Most chefs and kitchen managers find their cool rooms are the most high risk area for contamination. These areas are often lined full of stock and don’t receive the attention they deserve as no-one wants to spend that much time in the cold! Without regular cleaning, mould will grow on the walls, spreading throughout the cool room and onto food through airborne spores.

We recently performed the cleaning and mould removal for a 10,000 square metre cool room in Western Sydney. This extensive task required collaboration from our surface restoration technicians in Sydney’s Camden and Melbourne’s Cranbourne and Bundoora, who spent eight days hand cleaning and detailing the walls and ceiling with scissor lifts.

Grease Trap Overflow

cleaning a grease trap overflow from a commercial kitchen

Those in the restaurant and hospitality industry are all too familiar with having to react to unexpected situations. Supplier shortages, absent staff and unexpected crowds can create difficult circumstances. One of the worst situations we hear about is when a grease trap overflows.

In most cases this occurs when the outlet line is blocked, preventing the grease from entering the sewerage system. This blockage causes the grease to back up and spill out, usually at the rear of your premises (see image below).

Kitchen staff do not have the time to manage this problem, and traditional cleaning methods simply spread out the grease and make it worse. The first thing we suggest to clients who call us in a panic is to cover the grease in something absorbent, such as sand, sawdust or kitty litter (it’s a great idea to have a supply ready at all times).

Busy kitchen managers may be tempted to wait until the end of shift or the busy service period to act on a grease spill, however this can lead to further problems. Removing grease within a few hours of spillage can be an easier task as it hasn’t had a chance to absorb deep into the porous concrete or bitumen surface.

Grease which has been left to sit for a day or more has had time to penetrate the surface and become more difficult to remove. And it’s not just the stain that’s a problem, the smell can be unbearable!

We were called to an old warehouse in Brisbane where stains from thirty years of grease and animal fat storage had been embedded into the concrete. The pungent smell was noticeable from four floors up. The property developer was concerned that his multi-million dollar apartment project would be a failure!

grease stain removal

The most effective way of removing grease stains and odours is to break down the molecular structure of the grease, suspend it in situ and carefully draw it to the surface. The entire area should then be neutralised and deep cleaned and all waste removed with a vacuum recovery system so that it can be disposed of responsibly.

The Stain Eaters perform specialised commercial kitchen cleaning tasks such as high pressure cleaning, surface restoration, removal of mould stains, and cleaning up grease trap overflows and stains. Request a quote for commercial kitchen cleaning in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Adelaide.