There are a lot of self serve, high pressure cleaning car washing locations around most cities and towns in Australia.

These types of car washing spots are exposed to a lot of heavy grime from a wide range of vehicles, which results in some extreme stains on the walls and floor areas of the wash down bays.

You would think that as these wash bays have high pressure cleaning units installed, cleaning each bay could be easily done using the built in pressure cleaner.

However, due to the extreme nature of the staining that builds up over time, pressure cleaning alone is not enough to extract the wide range of deep stains in these areas.

Our technicians have a range of specialist cleaning solutions that can treat these deep stains, and draw them out of the substrate, allowing for these to then be cleaned away with super heated water.

This process can be done on a wide range of commercial sites that are exposed to such extreme conditions.

If you have an area that is in need of heavy duty cleaning, call our customer support team to arrange for a site visit and no obligation quote.