When a solar panel system is first installed, they can perform at maximum efficiency due to being nice and clean. However, due to the nature and location of these systems, they soon start to be effected by dust and grime that settles on the surface of the panels which over time will reduce the effectiveness of their energy production.

Dirt build up will block the amount of sunlight that can be absorbed by the panel cells, which reduces their efficiency.

To get the full benefit from the energy production of a solar power system, it’s highly recommended to regularly have the solar panels cleaned so they are free of dirt and debris.

All kinds of things can impact on a solar panels energy production. Things like pollen, bird droppings, construction site dust, smog grime and even leaves, all of which can take their toll on the energy creating performance of your solar system.

While it is true that natural rainfall will play its part in washing away particles of dust, this is usually limited to light and loose dirt that has only recently settled on the surface.

Any build up that has been on the panels for some time, and have been hardened by UV light and the elements, will usually not wash away from rainfall alone.

Our specialist solar panel cleaning tools allow our technicians to efficiently treat and clean roof mounted solar panels on most homes, so they can once again be working at their maximum like the day they were first installed.

This process is not only gentle on the solar panels, but can usually be performed without the need for people to be walking on the roof. All of which results in very little impact on your property.

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