Nearly every warehouse or factory has large areas of skylights in the roof to let in natural light and brighten up the internal space.

However, these only work effectively when they are clean.

Over time, dirt and grime builds up on the outside surface of warehouse skylights making them much less effective and drastically reducing the amount of natural light that can shine through to the inside area.

Effective cleaning of these can be tricky for a number of reasons, with the main one being access to the area with suitable pressure cleaning equipment to do the job right.

This is where our custom designed and built surface restoration vehicles make The Stain Eaters stand out from the rest.

Our technicians are able to pressure clean large areas of factory and warehouse roofs and skylights continuously with the pressure cleaning unit running from the vehicle located on the ground.

No heavy equipment needs to be placed on the roof, only the technician and the hose run from the surface restoration vehicle below.

They also have the ability to perform hot water pressure cleaning as all our vehicles have boiler units on board.

This all makes for a highly efficient process and a great result.

If you’re skylights are looking dirty and in need of a good clean, call our customer service centre today.

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