With more businesses operating online than ever before, there has also been a huge increase in transport and delivery services operating and providing services to a wider range of areas.

As a result, there are many suburban locations that now see multiple delivery trucks and courier services each day delivering a wide range of goods to business and clients.

These vehicles can cover thousands of kilometres every week, with their engines constantly running.

Oil leaks and drips are a common problem from these vehicles, with large trucks having the potential to cause large spills due to additional hydraulic systems that are often fitted to these vehicles.

The hydraulic lines and hoses on these trucks corrode over time and if they are not maintained or replaced regularly, they will eventually burst causing a big oil spill.

This can cause oil to quickly spread out and cover a very wide area at property or on streets, which will require immediate attention to not only contain but to effectively clean.

For this reason, The Stain Eaters team are often called in to deal with such problematic spills as our custom built surface restoration vehicles carry onboard all the equipment needed to perform the complete containment and clean up job.

Our highly trained technicians can quickly be called to the site of an oil spill and get to work, minimising the risk to property and the environment by ensuring that the oil spill is contained.

Then, through the use of our specially developed cleaning solutions, we can treat effected surfaces to break down the oil, extract it from porous surfaces and then pressure clean the area with the use of vacuum recovery systems to pick up all waste material which can then be properly disposed of off-site.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where such a large oil spill has occurred, don’t delay and give our customer service team a call and we’ll be on-site quickly to help.