In the event of a property fire, soot can quickly build up on surrounding surfaces leaving them covered in a carbon build up. This build up can effect areas that weren’t even directly impacted by the fire itself.

However, what many people do not realise is that this build up has an incredibly high level of acid in the carbon deposits left behind and will continue to eat away and damage surfaces long after the fire goes out.

This acid is produced as part of the fire combustion process, and is a bi-product which severely attacks metal surfaces in particular.

As part of the fire damage clean up, it is critical to chemically neutralise this acidity to ensure the structural areas of the building suffer no long-term effects as a result of the fire. Rinsing off these areas with water alone is not sufficient to neutralise this build up.

Even though the construction of masonry surfaces are very strong, they are extremely porous and stains can soak deep into these substrates leaving a very difficult to remove mark.

With our specialist cleaning solutions and treatment process, our technicians can carefully draw out the stain from deep within the substrate, leaving the surface completely restored and free from any trace of fire damage.

Another problematic area that occurs as a result of a fire is smell. Fire odours can present themselves long after a fire, particularly if smoke works its way into wall cavities.

We have developed a special odour masking agent that when applied to effected areas, can successfully suppresses fire smells removing the offensive odours for good.

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