Tiled areas around swimming pools or outdoor water features give property owners an opportunity to add great look and character to the home or building.

However, constant exposure to water and the elements over many years will result in heavy build up of things like efflorescence, calcium and grime that can be incredibly hard and difficult to clean.

The example show in the photo here is the spill wall of a swimming pool where the pool water constantly flows over the edge of the wall and into a drain, where it’s pumped through the filter and back into the pool.

This has resulted in a dark yellow calcium build up that was too tough for the property owners to be able to clean with regular cleaning materials.

Using our specialist cleaning solutions, our Technicians were able to provide a great result and remove years of built up calcium as you can see in the photo.

The entire edge of the pool spill wall and drain was treated, bringing the tiles back to a near new look and vastly improved the overall image of the area.

Heavy build up of such grime and other stains on outdoor tiles is very common, and can be particularly bad where moisture or water accumulates on the surface.

With over 40 years experience dealing with a wide range of stains and surfaces, our team can take care or your property and keep them looking great.

If you have a troublesome stain on hard surfaces at your property, give us a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.