Sandstone is highly versatile and can be used in many different landscape and construction applications. As it is a very soft type of stone, it can be easily cut and shaped, allowing it to be formed to fit into almost any position. This makes it a great option for the construction of external walls and is often used at the entrance of properties, like the one you can see in the photo here.

Due to is relatively soft nature, sandstone is also highly porous and will easily absorb any moisture that comes into contact with its surface. As a result, this often also leads to stains that soak deep into the stone, leaving them looking very dirty with a stain that is difficult to remove.

Because sandstone is very soft, the use of harsh pressure cleaning can easily damage the surface of the stone and in some cases, break off sizeable clumps of the stone.

In the example photo shown here, this sandstone wall has a large amount of dark stains running down from the top. This is a common sight, as dirt will build-up on the top of the wall, then run down the side when it rains taking the dirt with it.

Overtime, this dirt will soak into the sides of the sandstone, leaving the stains like you can see here.

In order to get sandstone clean and remove such stains, the use of a specialist cleaning solution is usually required. This treatment process will work away at the embedded dirt within the stone, softening it and drawing it out of the sandstone.

Then, the dirt and stain can be rinsed off using a suitable water pressure. Additionally, our team can perform this washdown using super-heated water which works incredibly well at removing the grime.

In order to keep sandstone in good condition and help it to stay clean, we recommend the use of a suitable sealer. This will reduce the porosity of the sandstone, stopping the absorption water and dirt. The type of sealer used will depend on the sandstone application. For example, a different sealer would likely be used on pavers around a pool, compared to a sandstone wall.

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