Modern building trends often see the use of bare surfaces like brick and cement that give a great natural look and feel to areas like wall surfaces.

While these look great when they are new and clean, due to their porous nature they are easily stained from things like mould, moss and even mud.

This can leave a strong stain that has soaked deep into the substrate leaving behind a permanent shadow on the surface.

In order to remove such stains from these types of porous surfaces, it is vital to use a cleaning solution that is going to effectively break down the substance that has caused the stain, and then a cleaning process to fully extract and wash away the marks.

Another often overlooked aspect when using such substrates in the construction process, is the use of a quality surface sealer that is designed to protect the substrate to not only make it easier to clean, but also block out moisture and stains.

This is where our team with over 40 years experience providing such services can help keep your property looking great.

With a big range of cleaning solutions to professionally treat and clean difficult stains, our technicians can also apply sealer products to fully protect your property from stains as well as graffiti.

This will help to keep your property looking great for many years.

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