Who doesn’t love relaxing outside during the summer months and either enjoying a few drinks with friends or just reading a book.

To help make our outdoor areas more comfortable, it’s common to use shade cloth as it not only blocks out harmful UV and creates a great shaded area, but it also lets the air flow through helping you to stay cool.

Overtime, dust and dirt builds up in the mesh of the shade cloth, which in turn sees mould begin to grow and eventually turns the shade cloth into a mess of black grime patches.

Mould on any surface can be a very stubborn stain to clean and in the case of material like shade cloth, care needs to be taken during the cleaning process so no damage or tears are caused.

Through the use of a specialist cleaning solution and treatment process, our technicians can provide a great result that is gentle on the shade cloth while breaking down the mould and allowing it to be rinsed away.

Once finished, you’ll be amazed at the result and your shade cloth will look like new again.

We understand that location that the shade cloth on your property can also be located above other sensitive areas like patios, pools and gardens, so our team will take care to protect all your property areas from any damage.

If you would like to get your outdoor areas ready for the summer, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.

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