Sandstone is a popular stone for use in many landscaping projects like retaining walls, poolside paving, feature walls and even park bench seats.

The natural look of this stone suits many uses, and it is also an easy stone to cut and shape.

This type of stone is very porous, and things like moisture, dirt, mould and graffiti can soak deep into the sandstone surface which ruins the beautiful look of the stone.

Cleaning these stains from sandstone can be tricky, as by its nature, sandstone is quite soft and easily damaged by high pressure cleaning.

For this reason, we have developed specialist cleaning solutions and techniques for cleaning off various types of stains from sandstone bringing them back to looking like new.

Sandstone pavers around swimming pools are very susceptible to damage from the pool water, which can break down the substrate over time leaving it weak where it starts to crumble and break apart.

The best way to avoid dirt, mould, graffiti or salt damage to sandstone is to protect them with an appropriate sealer. The type of sealer you should use will depend on what you want to protect the stone from, and where it is being used.

We have a range or sealers that will protect sandstone without detracting from its natural look and feel.

So have a look at your sandstone surfaces, and consider cleaning and protecting them so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.