The use of Stainless Steel is a popular option on building projects as it looks great and will last for many years.

However, it can still be prone to rust marks and stains, particularly when used on beach front properties.

Rust on Stainless Steel is usually formed when fine particles attach themselves to the metal surface and get into the grain of the steel. These metal particles will then begin to rust from exposure to the elements like salt air, causing a visible rust stain on the surface of the Stainless Steel.

This process is a common sight on things like balustrade, handrails, external fittings and BBQ’s.

While this type of rust can usually be cleaned from Stainless Steel through the use of abrasive cleaning methods like scouring pads and solutions, this process will also leave fine scratches in the surface of the metal which will only serve to make it more prone to more rust marks as particles can more easily attach themselves to the surface.

A better solution that will provide longer lasting results, and not harm the finish of the Stainless Steel, is to have these surfaces professionally cleaned using a specialist solution that will break down the rust and gently remove it from the metal surface.

Our team of Technicians have performed such work for many clients with great results that bring back the natural shine of the Stainless Steel and keep it looking great for many years to come.

We can also take care of rust stains on almost any hard surface that are commonly affected, like tiles, pavers and cement.

As rust stains will embed deeply into a substrate, effectively cleaning them requires a special treatment process that breaks down the rust and draws it out of the surface being cleaned.

If you’d like rust stains taken care of at your property, call our customer service team to arrange for a no obligation quote.