high pressure cleaning render wall

We all love the fresh look of a newly rendered concrete surface – the sleek, clean finish covers the cold concrete or brick construction underneath.

However, what do you do when that rendered surface is covered with years worth of built up dirt, moss, mould spores and exhaust emissions? It’s unsightly, and leads to the impression that the building is run down and not maintained.

Recently we were called to restore the look of a white rendered concrete wall and pebble driveway by a Gold Coast Hotel. The stubborn stains had led to the driveway looking run down – never a good look for a business built on hospitality!

The good news is that cleaning rendered walls is easily achieved by our professional stain removal team.

Starting with our commercial high pressure cleaning, we were able to remove years worth of built up grime. The pressure cleaning alone achieved a remarkable result, and many cleaning companies would have been happy to call the job done.  

However, we don’t stop there. Using our specially formulated commercial cleaning solutions, we were able to remove the dirt stains that high pressure cleaning alone can’t. It’s that extra effort that really restores render back to its best.

The stained footpath and driveway were also no match for our trained technician, who was able to remove the considerable built-up dirt, leading to a noticeably brighter and more uniform result.

Additionally, removing the built up dirt and moss increased the safety of the pathway as not only did it look better – it was less slippery as well!

high pressure cleaning render wall

Image: The middle section displays the difference high pressure cleaning and stain removal makes. Performed by Greg Luckett, our Gold Coast Stain Removal expert.

Regular maintenance keeps your property looking its best

They say prevention is the best cure, and when it comes to driveways and rendered walls, we couldn’t agree more. If left too long, dirt and grime can become permanent, eventually requiring costly repainting jobs.

We recommend scheduling regular property maintenance – every year or two – to avoid permanent stains.

Do you have a rendered concrete wall that could look better? Contact us now and let our trained technicians get your property back to looking its best!