One of the worst stains and smells that can affect a home is urine from pets, particularly if the affected area is a concrete surface and enclosed like a garage or close to the house like a patio or veranda.

People often comment to us that no matter how much they wash and scrub the concrete, the stains and smell just won’t go away.

Despite being incredibly hard, concrete is a very porous substrate that will quickly soak up liquid like a sponge. This allows stains to penetrate deep within the concrete, making them very difficult to clean with conventional products. This is also why it is difficult to remove the urine smell from concrete.

When pet urine is allowed to soak into the substrate, the uric acid crystals in the urine will tightly bond to the pores deep within concrete. These uric acid crystals are insoluble and regular cleaning products will have little to no impact on cleaning them away.

Uric acid crystals will release a gas when any moisture or humidity is present, which is what creates the strong urine odour.

Also, the acids in urine can have an etching effect on many surfaces which will leave a permanent stain if not dealt with quickly with a suitable cleaning solution that neutralises the acid.

When it comes to dealing with pet urine stains and smells, we have developed a special treatment process to treat the acid in the urine, chemically neutralising it to stop any further effect on the substrate, as well as add unique odour eating solution to kill off the strong smell.

So, if you have issues with animal or pet urine stains, give our team a call today.