With a wide range of forklift types available for use in warehouse and loading docks, they are a valuable asset that can greatly improve productivity at any large scale business. With online business now booming more than ever, there are many warehouses around the country with nifty, ride on picker units that also have light weight forklift capabilities.

Regards of the size of the unit, or the jobs they perform, one thing all these forklifts have in common is that they easily leave tyre marks on cement floors.

This can become a problem for companies when they need to restructure internal warehouse space for different use, or when a facility is vacated.

In such cases, a floor covered in dark tyre marks is not a great image to present and will require a professional cleaning process to breakdown the rubber that has embedded into the cement so that it can be extracted and effectively cleaned.

It’s common for facility managers to assume that the only solution to removing such tyre marks is to have the cement treated with a floor grinder to cut away the top layer that has the rubber tyre marks.

This is not the case and with our specialist cleaning solution, we can treat and clean tyre marks quickly and for a fraction of the cost of having the floor ground.

As our process does not cause any damage to the cement surface like a grinding treatment would do, there is no impact to the original finish of the floor.

Our treatment and floor cleaning process is also a great way to prepare factory floors for painting, as it will also remove any other contaminates like oil and grease.

If you have a warehouse or factory floor that is in need of a good clean, contact us today to arrange for a no obligation quote.