The large expansive internal areas of factories and warehouses require a lot to light up and ensure are well lit work areas. Relying on electric lights for this can be expensive and dramatically increase your operating costs.

For this reason, skylights in the roof areas of such buildings are a common way to greatly improve the lighting inside and reduce the need for artificial light use.

However, the external surfaces of skylights can quickly become dirty and covered in grime, which soon drastically reduces the amount of light coming through, making the inside areas dark.

As roof areas on warehouses and factories can be larger than the size of a football field, cleaning these can seem like a huge task.

Throw in problems like cleaning the skylights without damage, the potential of heavy and noisy equipment on the roof, and how to manage the waste water run off to prevent it from flowing into drains, it can all seem like a really overwhelming job.

For this reason, our specially designed and built surface restoration vehicles allow our trained technicians to perform cleaning of very large areas with only themselves and the pressure cleaning hose up on the roof.

All heavy equipment remains on the truck with the pressure cleaning unit and water operation in a safe location and with minimal noise disruption.

This allows us to complete such large scale cleaning jobs in a highly efficient manner, reducing the risk and cost to you.

As result, you soon have nice clean skylights that are letting in heaps of natural like again.