Exposed aggregate concrete is a very commonly used substrate and can be found at many private homes as well as public parks, council pathways and also commercial property.

This substrate can be used to create a beautiful looking area with a unique finish that adds character to what would traditionally be a plain concrete surface.

It’s very common to see exposed aggregate areas lined by garden beds and lawn, which again all blend in together and create a natural looking area. However, such areas are prone to things like water run-off and debris which usually sees dirt and grime make its way onto the concrete surface, often resulting in stains.

Like any concrete finish, exposed aggregate is highly porous and will quickly absorb moisture when it comes into contact with the surface. As the pores of exposed aggregate are very large and open, this will see a lot of dirt also make its way deep into the substrate where it gets trapped.

Overtime, this grime will continue to build up and often begin to form mould, turning the surface black. In some cases, the water or dirt can contain traces of metal which will cause rust stains to form, like the ones you can see in the photo here.

Either way, the result is not a good look and leaves a very difficult to remove stain.

In order to fix this problem, there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, the stains that have now marked the surface need to be dealt with. This is where our specialty services and expertise come into action. Our team have been taking care of tough stains on hard surfaces like concrete and exposed aggregate for over 45 years. We have a wide range of unique cleaning solutions and treatment processes that allow us to treat stains and extract them from porous surfaces and get them looking great again.

However, getting the area clean is great, but unless action is taken to prevent the cause of the stains or protect the surface, these stains will soon be back.

If possible, steps should be taken to reduce or stop water run-off that causes the dirt and stains to form. More importantly though, for porous substrates like exposed aggregate, a quality sealer product should be applied to the area to protect it from moisture and stains.

Through the use of a suitable sealer for the location and substrate, you can greatly reduce the impact of moisture and dirt on the concrete as well as make the surface much easier to clean.

We can provide the full cleaning, preparation and sealing service to get your property looking great and help it stay that way.

So, to find out more or arrange for a quote, give our customer service team a call.