We’re all familiar with chewing gum and it is just as popular today as it has ever been. Unfortunately, the black, sticky blobs left on pathways by gum that has be thoughtlessly disposed of is just as common.

When gum is left on paths, it attracts dirt and grime which creates the unsightly dark blotches that are easily visible and make these areas look very messy.

Because chewing gum is chemically inert, meaning it is not easily broken down using chemical treatments, it can be a real problem for property managers to clean.

Dry Ice treatments and steam processes do work, but they are very slow making the cleaning task very arduous. Additionally, they don’t clean the entire path area which will usually result in blotchiness and over clean patches.

The Stain Eaters method for treating and removing chewing gum is through the use of super-heated water pressure cleaning.

This process not only gives outstanding results, it is also highly efficient. Making it the most cost-effective way to deal with chewing gum removal from paths. As our Surface Restoration Vehicles are equipped with industrial strength pressure cleaning systems and boiler units, our team can perform this work in almost any location.

The super-heated water is able to quickly melt and break-down old chewing gum, releasing its bond from the path surface and allowing it to be wash away.

When performing this treatment process, our team can collect the wastewater and either dispose of it off site or pump it to garden beds, helping the surrounding environment.

Another advantage to our chewing gum removal process is that the entire pathway can be pressure cleaned at the same time, resulting in a nicely clean path and concrete area.

In most cases, this cleaning process can be performed without the need for any chemical use. However, if the chewing gum is very old and the concrete has been oxidised by UV radiation, the use of specialist cleaning solutions can be required in order to get an even clean finish on the surface.

So, if you have a messy, chewing gum problem at your property, no matter the size of the area, we can take care of the chewing gum removal and clean-up process.

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