There are many among us that love our dogs, with many people having a couple of them at the same time. As dogs tend to spend most of their day outside in the suburban back yard, it’s common to have problems with them urinating on cement and tiled areas.

Animal urine is very acidic, and can have a long lasting impact on the surface of these areas, through an etching effect which stains and scares the surface.

The urine can also penetrate deep into porous substrates leaving behind an ugly stain and a lingering smell.

This same problem can come about from other animals like possums, which can find their way into many areas around the property, including inside garages and sheds.

Effectively treating and cleaning these stains requires the use of a specialist cleaning solution that will not only deal with the stain and smell, but also neutralise the acid that has absorbed into the substrate to ensure ongoing damage is stopped.

Our technicians can provide this treatment process with the use of an alkaline chemical solution that will neutralise the acidity bringing the affected area back to a neutral pH rating and stopping the effect of the acid on the substrate..

Once this treatment process is complete, a follow up chemical solution is then used to extract the urine from deeper within the substrate. This draws it out to the surface where pressure cleaning can be used to fully remove it and thoroughly clean the area.

This will leave the property fully clean and sanitised, and importantly no more smell.

Give our team a call if you need help dealing with stains and smells left behind from animals.