Composite Decking is becoming more popular for use in both residential and commercial applications in Australia. As more Composite Decking options and brands have come onto the market in recent years, it has helped both reduce the cost of this type of decking, as well as provide greater choice in finish textures and colours.

The main advantages of a Composite Deck over a traditional Timber Deck are longevity of the finished product as well as reduce ongoing maintenance.

Depending on the type of oil or stain used, a Timber Deck will require regular re-staining and also periodically need to be stripped back to bare timber to remove the old coating in order to apply a fresh coat of decking oil.

A Composite Deck, however, doesn’t require as much attention as timber, meaning less work and attention the area will need.

This doesn’t mean that a Composite Deck will last forever without needing some love. As these decking areas are often exposed to the elements and sun, overtime the boards will begin to fade and lose their vibrant, original colour. Dirt and grime will also build up on these areas and contribute to stains and discoloration.

Composite Deck boards can also be prone to marking from things like outdoor furniture, barbecues, pets and children playing on the area.

All these factors will end up taking their toll on the overall look of a Composite Deck, and the area can start to look very run down.

As the boards of a Composite Deck can’t be sanded and stripped in the same way a timber deck can, owners of these decks are often at a loss for how to rejuvenate the look of the composite material.

This is where The Stain Eaters unique brush deck cleaning units can come to the rescue.

These brush sander units are very gentile on the composite material and will not bite into the surface and cause any damage. The bristles of the brush will take away the discolouration and marks on the surface of the Composite Deck, bringing back the original look and vibrancy of the material.

We can also apply a specialist cleaning solution to this type of decking to treat and clean away any tough stains. This process also helps in the rejuvenation of the original finish.

In some situations, a coating or anti-slip finish may be applied to the Composite Deck in order to help protect the boards or reduce the slip factor of the deck when wet.

In the photos you can see here, we recently conducted this process are a University in Melbourne to rejuvenate the look of the Composite Deck and applied an anti-slip coating to improve safety of the area when it is wet.

For more information on how we can help look after your decking, give our team a call today.