If you’ve decided to have your decking stripped back to bare timber and a new coat of oil applied, like many people, you may be trying to work out what is the best type of deck coating to use.

This would also apply if you have a newly built deck and need to coat it for the first time.

Making your decision is a lot easier when you understand the type of coatings available.

When it comes to protecting the timber from the elements and enhancing the natural colour of the wood, then a decking oil is a great choice. This is also the most commonly used product on most residential timber decks.

Decking oils are available in a range of natural pigments that are designed to enhance the colour of the timber. There are also a number of stronger pigmented oils available that can darken or accentuate the timber colour even more.

In general, the use of a light colour decking oil is good for a new deck, or timber that is in good condition. If the decking timber is older or more weathered, a darker colour oil is usually a good choice as it will hide any blemishes in the timber.

Decking oils are available in range of finishes from matte, low sheen and glossy. Giving you the flexibility to choose the style you want for your deck.

If you want to have a stronger or bolder colour to your decking, then a stain might be a good choice. Decking stains usually have much higher levels of pigment than decking oils, therefore they can give a much stronger colour to the timber once applied.

A decking stain can often be the best choice for a treated pine deck, as this timber is very light in colour, so a stain can be used to introduce the right look to the pine deck. This can also be a good option for timber that is quite weathered and has some discolouration to the wood.

If you’re unsure about what type of decking oil is best for you deck, give our team a call and one of our Technicians can call around to your property to check the decking and provide advice on the best option for you.