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Don’t bite off more than you can chew in Singapore

Did you know that for the past 20 years, the sale and use of chewing gum has been banned in Singapore?

In an effort to combat litter and maintain their reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world, the Singaporean government outlawed the sale and use of chewing gum. Penalties for breaching this law are harsh with fines of up to one thousand dollars.

This ban however has not been adopted in the major cities and towns of Australia and that is why we here at The Stain Eaters are more than familiar with the painstaking work involved with chewing gum removal. We know the damaging effects chewing gum can have on hard surfaces and work hard to ensure this blight on our community is kept to a minimum in schools, train stations, on footpaths and more..

From chewing gum removal in Adelaide to chewing gum removal in Melbourne the principles are the same, we want to save you both time and money and make your chewing gum problems melt away. That is why we have developed proven formulas to decrease removal time by up to 45% and save you money.

In an effort to quickly remove chewing gum yet still achieve fantastic results we use a wide range of proprietary technologies to remove both the chewing gum and the residual stains it may have caused.

Is your school, home or workplace walkway defaced with ugly chewing gum stains?

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Psst! The sooner you get it off, the sooner people will stop spitting out their gum on YOUR property… The more stains you have, the more stains it will attract!

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You want chewing gum off? We’ll get it OFF!

We would like to thank Dr Marc Dussault, the Exponential Growth Strategist for his contributions to this post at a recent Internet Marketing Event.