tyre skid marks

Is there anything more disturbing to quiet, suburban life, than the late-night screech of hoons revving their engines, doing burnouts and leaving skid marks in the street? While the sound and smell are annoying, thankfully they pass quickly. It’s the rubber skid marks they leave behind that do the most damage.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that the best way to discourage repeat graffiti vandalism is the rapid removal of damage. Well, skid marks are no different!

Left unattended, the rubber on the asphalt can take weeks or even months to disappear – if they do at all. They’re unsightly and make the surrounding area look rundown.

Image: Greg Luckett, our Gold Coast Stain Removal technician, removes tyre skid marks on behalf of the Gold Coast City Council

The silent cost to your property value

Apart from the dangers of hoons losing control while showing off, it’s the potential damage to property values that are the silent cost of burnouts.

Everyone wants to live in a nice, safe neighbourhood. When left, skid marks can give your suburb a terrible look of unlawfulness, and that’s why it’s important to remove them as soon as they appear.

Left unattended, they can actually attract more skid marks on the roads, as hooligans attempt to outdo each other. This can lead to your neighbourhood becoming a hoon hotspot!

The Stain Eaters are equipped with everything required to quickly remove unsightly skidmarks. Our team can safely manage traffic and even conduct a road closure if required, while our commercial high pressure heated water systems break down the tyre rubber and safely remove it from asphalt and concrete road surfaces. Most importantly, our approach leaves the surface intact, unharmed from the treatment.

Don’t let the hoons take take over your community! Remove the signs of vandalism quickly, and regain control of your neighbourhood.

Are you tired of tyre skid marks? Contact us today and we’ll remove all trace from your neighbourhood.