Many of you are probably doing the same thing as I have been this past week – taking a look at the budget for the new financial year and allocating funds to key areas of your business. Most of my planning for the year is conducted now, as throughout the year it is easy to become overwhelmed with day-to-day operations.

Throughout this part of the year we always receive more enquiries from businesses who have found that their cleaning and maintenance has fallen behind during the previous financial year.

Most businesses utilise a cleaning contractor to perform the basic vacuuming/mopping of the floors, clean the bathrooms and other basic tasks to provide cleanliness for customers and employees. However the outside of the business often slips behind, remaining untouched until years later when painting or renovations are required to revitalise a worn facade.

The first impression of your business for many will be the street frontage as they drive or walk past. It doesn’t matter how clean your shop or office is inside, if the outside looks dirty and unmaintained, this will affect their perception of the business as a whole. If you were conducting a job interview who would appear to be the stronger candidate – the candidate wearing jeans and a t-shirt or the candidate wearing a suit, clean shoes and neat hair?  The same applies here – first impressions count!

I have compiled a short list of exterior cleaning and maintenance tasks which when performed at regular, scheduled intervals, will be more likely to ensure your business receives a positive first impression.

  1. Building Exterior Cleaning

facility maintenance and cleaning

To achieve the best results, this requires more than simply pointing a high pressure washer at the walls. First we identify each type of stain and apply the right treatment to draw the stain out of the surface. Dirt, mould, bird poo, pollution, mineral and salt deposits; these must all be carefully removed without causing abrasion to the surface. Once this has been conducted, we then use high pressure washing to complete the cleaning.


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  1. Retail Canopy Cleaning

factor building cleaning and maintenance into your budget

Businesses such as service stations, automobile workshops, bottle shops and other drive-through businesses will often have a canopy to provide shelter for customers parking underneath. Over time these canopies attract staining from exhaust fumes, making them look unsightly and will eventually reduce the performance of lighting.


These canopies can be very difficult to clean due to their height and the necessary safety precautions which are required. We use scaffolding and cherry pickers to conduct work at heights safely and liaise with business managers to ensure that work is conducted in off-peak periods to minimise disruption.


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  1. Driveway and Carpark Cleaning

maintenance and cleaning in new financial year budget

Have you ever tried removing an oil stain or a tyre mark by simply spraying with a high pressure hose? If you have you will know that these stains are incredibly stubborn. We have over 40 years’ experience in oil stain and tyre stain removal – throughout this time we have developed a solution which enables us to break down the molecular structure and draw these stains out of the surface, allowing them to be easily removed.


We also perform regular removal of these stains from warehouses, factories and workshops.


Find out more about Oil Stain Removal and Tyre Mark Removal.


  1. Chewing Gum Removal

mainenance for business budget

Many retailers located in busy shopping strips will understand the annoyance of chewing gum! Once the gum has been dropped on the pavement and walked over several times, it sticks like super glue!  Schools are another victim, as children and teenagers often enjoy sticking gum in the most difficult to reach places.


Chewing gum removal requires a unique approach – the best solution is to melt and dissolve the gum to release its bond from the surface. Our surface restoration vehicles have boiler units that can heat large amounts of water quickly for this type of work.


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  1. Rust Stain Removal

new financial year maintenance budget plan

Not only does rust look unappealing, when left to its down devices it will actually cause significant structural damage to metal objects. When performing work for our regular clients, many will ask us to check their doors, window frames, retail canopies, signs and other external fittings.


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  1. High-Pressure Cleaning

new financial year cleaning budget

Many of our clients have outdoor areas for café seating, or the placement of large items by hardware store and other trade supply outlets. A substantial improvement can often be made in these locations with high-pressure cleaning.


An important consideration when performing high-pressure cleaning is the way that the waste water is handled. We have implemented the use of surface cleaning machines which feature a vacuum recovery system, pumping waste water back into the holding tank and eliminating overspray. This also allows us to work more quickly as we no longer need to empty vacuums every five minutes. We take pride in conducting environmentally friendly cleaning practices which are managed and audited in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001:2004.


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Through scheduling regular stain removal services, we are able to protect the image of many retailers such as Woolworths, Kmart, KFC, and banks such as NAB, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac. Contact us to discuss your stain removal requirements.