As the saying goes, you only get one chance for a good first impression and for most people the first impression of a business is the street frontage as they arrive at the location.

So, for property managers of areas like commercial buildings, retail centres and schools, keeping the facade areas clean is highly important as these areas present the initial image for the building and impact on the overall impression a person gets of the location.

A poorly maintained building facade and forecourt area can greatly impact on the business and brand image.

In order to keep building external areas free from dirt and grime build up, a professional facade clean should be performed regularly. Doing so will keep the area free from stains and other things like chewing gum, food spills and general grime.

Driveways and car parks should also be regularly cleaned and heavy stains from oil leaks treated with a specialist cleaning solution to extract them from the surface.

Our Technicians have custom designed and built surface restoration vehicles that are designed to allow them to perform a complete range of building facade cleaning jobs quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to business.

When needed, our team can also perform this work outside of trading or school hours.

If needed, we can arrange for the required access equipment to allow for a detailed building facade clean on high areas of the property.

As there are many aspects to setting up and completing such jobs, our Technicians are trained to consider all aspects of the location, like:

  • Height and Access Requirements
  • Ground Load Ratings For Equipment
  • Public Paths and Pedestrians Access
  • Waste Water Collection
  • Surface Types To Be Cleaned
  • Time Of Day Work Can Be Performed
  • Interruption To Staff and Business
  • Overhead Power Lines

As we are fully insured and compliance correct, we can perform building and facade cleans correctly to properly protect the asset, tenants and public.

If you would like your premises to be given a full top-to-bottom facade clean, contact our customer service team to arrange for a quote.