Managers of commercial properties and retail facilities face the constant challenge of keeping building external areas clean and presentable.

There are a wide range of contaminants that can impact on these areas, like chewing gum, grease and oil stains, rust marks, cobwebs, mould, dirt and grime, just to name a few.

At The Stain and Graffiti Eaters, our team of highly trained Technicians perform building facade cleaning for many major retail outlets and franchise groups across Australia to help facility managers maintain their image and keep properties in top shape.

Most importantly, with our specially equipped surface restoration vehicles, we can perform this work with minimal disruption to staff or visitors, while giving your building areas a new lease of life and instantly improve the appearance.

Using our specialist high pressure cleaning equipment that can be adjusted in pressure and temperature, our Technicians can provide great results in removing built up dirt, dust, heavy mould, grime, bird poo and cobwebs.

Where required, our team can also apply a specialist cleaning solution for treatment of extra strong stains. This process involves the agitation and activation of a cleaning solution into stains, followed by detailed pressure cleaning that extracts embedded stains or built up dirt and grime from building surfaces.

Importantly, this process also includes the collection of waste water to ensure compliance with local and state environmental regulations.

As many building managers need to adhere to strict budgets, they are usually surprised to learn that the cost of three annual building facade cleans is less than one every three years.

It also uses less water and cleaning solution treatments, therefore it makes environmental and financial sense to perform such work once a year.

As an added bonus to doing this, building finishes like render, paintwork, powder coating and skylights will look better and last longer due to not having dirt build up eating into the surface for extended periods, which also means they will require less maintenance over time.

Additionally, many stains that are left untreated for over a three year period often cannot be fully removed, which potentially decreases the property’s value.

The Stain and Graffiti Eaters team can put together a maintenance agreement to suit the individual needs of facility maintenance companies and building managers to take the stress out of building facade cleaning programs.

To find out more about how we can help your pain points, give our team a call to arrange for a no obligation meeting and quote.