Oil stain removal, Rust stain removal, Pressure cleaning, Chewing gum removal, Gum removal, Urine stain removal, Merbau deck coatings, Merbau deck oiling, Skylight clearing, Fire damage cleaning, Carbon removal, Tyre mark removal, Concrete cleaning, Pavement cleaning, Anti slip coatings, Factory floor coatings, Stain removal Melbourne, Stain removal Sydney, Stain removal Adelaide, Stain removal Brisbane, Stain removal company,Building exterior cleaning is essential for professionally presenting your commercial property.   However, this tragic story of a Gold Coast man who died as a result of working on cleaning the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, demonstrates the most serious reason why you should bring in the experts at The Stain Eaters to take care of your building exterior cleaning.

Other risks associated with building cleaning include:

  • Surface damage – The process of cleaning building exteriors usually involves high pressure application of water and special cleaning solutions to deal with individual stains. Without experience, you may scratch, damage or weaken the building exterior. We regularly see damaged brickwork and masonry as a result of attempts to clean buildings carried out by the untrained.
  • Wrong cleaning solutions – Using the wrong chemicals for a particular surface or type of stain, may reduce the ability for the stain to be completely removed, or make its appearance even worse. Choosing the right solutions can facilitate the best cleaning result, because the right formulation will break down the molecular bonds within the stain, drawing it to the surface and allowing it to be rinsed off with water under pressure, without any substrate damage taking place.
  • Structural failure – The worst examples of inexperienced building cleaning contractors can lead to structural failure of the building, or issues such as increased likelihood of salt deposits in the surface, rising damp, and premature crumbling of bricks.
  • Waste water pollution – The run off from cleaning your building must be managed appropriately to avoid damaging the environment, and incurring fines. You are legally responsible for the contractors you bring onto your building site, so you must ensure that you are engaging experts who are fully insured.
  • Risk of fines – Building exterior cleaning which involve road or footpath closures, may require council permits.
  • Risk of injury – Cleaning of building exteriors often requires the use of scaffolding and elevated work platforms. It is critical that these devices are utilised correctly to avoid injury. Cleaning activities may take contractors near power lines – safe coverage of power lines is vital.

The Stain Eaters have an impeccable track record of delivering high quality cleaning results, and are fully covered with $20 Million public liability insurance, and work cover insurance. We are Quality Management Accreditation to ISO9001, OH&S accreditation to AS4801 and Environmental Accreditation to ISO14001.