Birds are a wonderful part of Australian fauna; however where there are birds there is bird poop.  The blue wrens that delight you by tapping on your windows during spring, leave a pattern of debris containing phosphate, ammonia and a range of other chemicals.  The presence of ornithological subjects can mean marks and stains on your decking, factory floor, pavers, window sills and more.

As an aside, if you happen to have nightingales (the species that are native to the Japanese island of Kyushu) leaving their droppings, there could be money in it for you – their particular poo is used in a very expensive facial treatment.

The best way to remove the bird droppings, and return the surface to as good as new, depends on the surface in question – is it concrete, brick, wood, tile, plastic, painted or covered with a surface protector?

The Stain Eaters employ qualified mechanical engineers who study the science of surface deposit removal from substrates to ensure our solutions not only completely clean and remove the stains but protect your structures as well.  The Stain Eaters Technicians who attend your property will assess the surface to be cleaned, together with the degree to which any stains have penetrated the surface.  They will then determine the best solutions to treat your property and restore it to a clean, bright and fresh state.

The actual cleaning process will usually involve:

  • Apply an appropriate cleaning solution, selected for your particular surface/s and stain
  • Pressure wash the surface
  • Vacuum collect all debris

Once the bird poop and other stains are removed from the surface, you might like to consider treating the surface with a protective coating.  This is particularly useful for concrete, where the protective coating not only gives longevity to the surface, it also reflects light better and provides a more modern finish.

If keeping birds from returning to their favourite perches after the cleaning is desired, consider:

  • Install a sound-making device made for the purpose of scaring away birds (e.g. sounds of predators) in the areas where they congregate
  • Use sun strips, foil and other light-catching devices which mess with the birds vision to keep them away
  • Position fake owls and other birds of prey such that the birds won’t enter the area in question
  • Make it harder for the birds to roost or perch e.g. add spikes to a straight pole or fence, make the surface slippery, or apply a bird gel to it

The Stain Eaters are fully insured and we guarantee all of our work with a rock-solid total satisfaction guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with our work, we will return at our expense to correct any problems, no questions asked.