Having shade cloth or shade sails over your outdoor areas is a great way to create a relaxing space that you can enjoy all year round, particularly in the summer.

These allow for the right amount of light and airflow, while blocking out the harsh sun and heat.

While the shade cloth material that such sails and covers are made from are highly durable, they will become dirty over time and can be difficult to clean.

This cleaning job can be made even more troublesome in the case of heavy build up from things like bird poo as you can see in the image here.

The shade cloth can be very good a stopping the bird poo from falling through and affecting areas underneath, however if it builds up like you can see here, it creates a disgusting mess that no one wants to be near or look at. Additionally, bird poo can be a health hazard as it often contains pathogens which can be harmful to your health.

Fresh bird droppings may not be particularly toxic, however older droppings will become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to unwanted germs and health risks that you don’t want at your property.

Such build-up will usually create other problems to form like mould, which will start to grow quickly due to the poo and grime and pretty soon the whole area can get out of control.

Through the use of specialist cleaning equipment, our technicians can quickly and efficiently wash shade cloth and sails, providing a great result with little impact on the material.

Our highly trained team are also experienced in all aspects of bird poo clean up and waste disposal and can have any effected area looking great again and free of health risks.

So, if you have shade cloth or sails that need a clean, or if birds like pigeons have left a mess, give our team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote to have your property clean and looking great in time for summer.