Does your property have a cement or pattern pave driveway where the sealed colour on the surface has worn away, or broken down, leaving the base concrete exposed?

Not only does this look terrible and bring down the value of your property, with the concrete exposed to the elements, moisture can make its way deep into the substrate where it can begin to cause cracks to appear.

Once these cracks are visible on the surface, moisture can make its way deeper into the substrate compounding the problem and make the cracks longer and larger.

If left un-treated, this will eventually cause severe damage to the concrete and leave an expensive repair job.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to have the area re-painted with an appropriate cement sealer that will not only protect the concrete, but make your property look great again.

Just like any painting job, the most important part of this process is in the preparation. If the new paint is just applied over the old and peeling surface, the new sealer can’t properly bond to the concrete, and as a result it won’t be long before this new coating is flaking away too.

Our technicians are fully equipped to treat and strip away such old coatings to get the area to be sealed back to the bare surface prior to re-coating. This process also allows for any cracks that require fixing to be dealt with which will help to keep the driveway in the best possible condition for years to come.

Before the application of the new sealer or paint begins, it is vital to ensure that the correct product is chosen for the job. This decision needs to be based on the type of substrate to be sealed, how the area is used, and what type of finish you would like to see in the final result.

Choosing the wrong sealer or paint for the job will often see the lifespan of the coating greatly reduced, and can also cause other problems like the surface becoming slippery when wet.

Again, this is where our technicians can consult with you on your needs and provide advice on what the best sealer options are for your driveway, including the use of any anti-slip agents if needed for your area.

Once all the preparation work is complete, our team can apply the chosen sealer product to the bare concrete and before long your driveway will be looking like new.

So allow us to take care of the whole process for you and give our customer service team a call.