Oil stains from vehicle engines are a problem for any garage or concrete floor, particularly in large carparks like apartment buildings and retail shopping centres.

As concrete is a highly porous substrate, it quickly absorbs any liquid that comes into contact with it, such as oil from a leaky car engine or transmission.

Initially, this causes a difficult to remove stain due to the dark colour of the oil from the vehicle.

With enough exposure to oil in the same spot, over time the oil will completely saturate the concrete to the point where it can no longer absorb any more. This will then usually result in a thick oil built up on the surface of the concrete floor.

As this build up become thicker, it not only creates an incredibly tough stain, but also becomes a slip hazard, even without the presence of any water.

This leaves the property owner with the task of trying to deal with the problem.

The first course of action is to take fix the cause of the oil leak by either repairing the vehicle or removing it from the site.

When the time comes to clean the floor area, it is vital that the correct method and cleaning solutions are used. All too often we are called out to inspect oil stains that people have attempted to clean using a de-greaser product.

While these may be effective on some stains, such products usually only make the stain worse.

Our team have many years’ experience dealing with all kinds of oil stains, from small drips to large, heavy build up.

We are also equipped to be able treat and clean individual carpark spaces in apartment basements like the one in the photos here.

Using specialist pressure cleaning equipment and vacuum waste recovery units, we can perform the treatment process and clean up job while ensuring that no waste water runs off and causes a mess in other areas of the carpark.

The end result is a nice clean car space that is again free of oil build up.

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