Animal urine stains can appear in many unexpected places, as well as in common use areas.

Not only can these be a source of bad smells, but they also leave behind stains that can be very difficult to remove, not to mention horrible to look at.

In the photo above you can see the result of extensive possum urine on a rendered wall that left it badly stained. If this type of urine isn’t cleaned off properly, it can permanently damage the painted render leaving no option but to clean, treat and repaint the wall.

The acid in urine can etch many surfaces as well as penetrate deep into porous substrates, leaving stains that aren’t easily removed by pressure cleaning alone.

We use our specialist cleaning solutions to neutralise the acid in the urine, then draw the stain out of the substrate where it can be pressure washed away with super heated water.

This process will not only remove the urine from the surface, and clean the stain, but also kill of the bad smell caused by animal urine.

If you have trouble with these kinds of stains, speak to our friendly customer support team about how we can treat these for you.