cleaning of acrylic basketball court at a school

Newer outdoor basketball, netball and handball courts have acrylic coatings, providing slip resistance to protect our children from scrapes and bruises. Such coatings often come in bright colours to clearly display the area of play and are sometimes matched with the schools colour scheme. As you would expect from a frequently used outdoor surface, dirt and grime are ground in from children’s shoes, however we also find algae, lichen, bird faeces, food stains, chewing gum, paint spills and graffiti which not only look unappealing, such stains can shorten the life of your acrylic coating and reduce slip resistance.

To prolong the life of your sports court coating and maintain the presentation of your school grounds, we recommend the following:

  • Clean your acrylic sports court coatings once a month
  • Prevent piles of leaves and puddles of water from forming, particularly in the cooler months
  • Encourage children not to consume food or drinks (except water) on the courts and to wear sports footwear instead of formal leather shoes
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the surface such as benches, or driving vehicles over the court
  • Implement an anti-graffiti education program (your local council or police may be able to assist with this)

Acrylic surfaces are easily damaged when subjected to abrasion, which can cause the coating to lose its ability to protect children from slipping. Harsh scrubbing from brushes, brooms and sanding equipment, excessive force from high pressure cleaners or use of cleaning solutions with abrasive chemicals such as ammonia, will have devastating effects on an acrylic coating. Not only will the slip resistance be removed from the affected area, it will harm the appearance of the surface as the asphalt or concrete underneath the coating is exposed. And the exposed underlying surface may also be damaged from the abrasive cleaning measures; leading to water puddles appearing when wet, and cracks causing structural damage.

The key to cleaning acrylic surfaces is to gently remove any stains and draw them to the surface using non-abrasive measures.

When the Stain Eaters is engaged to clean acrylic surfaces, we carefully break down the molecular structure of the stain and draw it to the surface. For chemically inert stains such as chewing gum, we use boilers units to heat water to a high temperature, dissolving the gum and releasing the bond.  We then neutralise the surface with high pressure cleaning, and all waste water is collected with a vacuum recovery system. The collected grey water is safe enough to apply to your gardens.

The following image displays the basketball court cleaning David de Beyer, our stain removal expert in Adelaide’s South West, performed for a local school. The left side demonstrates the amount of dirt which the surface can retain, while the right side demonstrates the how clean and new the surface appears after professional cleaning.

cleaning dirt off outdoor basketball court

In our ongoing work with schools, we ensure that our operations don’t interfere with the school day. For your peace of mind, all technicians have working with children checks and our work is protected by a $20 million public liability policy. We also perform work outside of school hours when appropriate.

The Stain Eaters perform the cleaning of outdoor basketball, netball and other acrylic sports court coatings throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

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