Unless you have an old rustic colonial home, moss is something that probably looks out of place on your property. It can create a slippery hazard when found on a footpath or driveway, and can aid bacteria growth when found in swimming pools and spas.

Don’t plants require soil to grow? Moss is different – it has no roots, allowing it to form and grow on a variety of surfaces around your house.


Tip #1 – Create a bright, shade-free environment

Trim any long branches that create shade over driveways, footpaths and other outdoor sealed areas. If you have deciduous trees, ensure that when autumn arrives you rake up the leaves frequently and don’t let them pile up. Darkness and shade will stimulate moss growth – if your yard is able to receive sunlight all day, then moss will have a difficult time growing.


Tip #2 – Decrease water availability

Moss thrives in damp areas! After a period of heavy rain, inspect your driveway and other sealed outdoor areas and ensure that water is not flowing onto these surfaces from drain pipes or other places. Carefully set up your sprinklers so they do not spray the driveway.

If your swimming pool is outdoors, then invest in a solid cover. If you have an indoor pool, wipe dry the moisture build-up on windows and the ground surrounding the pool.

moss removal

Tip #3 – If you see any moss – remove it fast!

Once moss appears, it very rarely stays the same size – it grows and spreads quickly. This is especially important in areas where there is little or no foot traffic to disturb it, such as on top of a roof. Stop moss while it is small to save money, reduce property damage, and remove a slippery hazard from your property.

Some people even go to the effort of ripping up pavement or replacing roofing to get rid of moss – which in the majority of cases is completely unnecessary! The Stain Eaters technicians follow a process of applying special cleaning solutions to draw the mould out of the surface. High-pressure water is used to remove the moss, with any water and waste material being collected. Your property is left dry, moss-free and more presentable than it was before the moss appeared. We can also apply a protective coating to make the surface more resistant to any future moss growth.

Read about our work for our clients, or make an online booking to have our stain removal technicians professionally remove your moss and rejuvenate your property.

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