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We perform high pressure cleaning of driveways and paved areas, as well as oil stain removal in garages. Our technicians can remove the most difficult of stains such as surface rust stain removal from stainless steel, urine stain removal and perform fire damage restoration.

The Stain Eaters have over 40 years’ stain removal experience, working alongside councils, schools, large and small businesses, as well as local communities.

We have forged long-lasting relationships with many nationwide businesses and councils due to our fast response time and high standard of industrial cleaning services. Most businesses take pride in their appearance, we provide services such as canopy cleaning, chewing gum removal, fire damage restoration, and grease overflow cleaning to ensure our clients are looking their best at all times.

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Fire Damage Clean Up

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Professional Graffiti Removal

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8 Reasons To Choose The Stain Eaters

  1. We are the market leader in Stain Removal with over 35 years experience. As the first dedicated Stain removal company in Australia, we are the experts, and the first call made by councils, schools and local communities to remove tough stains.
  2. All your jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best stain removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process. All work is conducted to ISO9001 Quality standards.
  3. We are environmentally focused; all our methods are fully approved by all relevant authorities. To date we have successfully performed many delicate environmental clean-up jobs required after industrial accidents. (We are fully environmentally certified to ISO 14001 environmental management policy)
  4. You are protected by a $20 million Public Liability Policy.
  5. You can have piece of mind knowing that we are fully OH&S certified to AS4801: A full Risk Assessment is conducted on ALL your jobs to ensure your property is cleaned safely and properly. No Shortcuts!
  6. Our specially designed, purpose built Surface Restoration Vehicles are tailor-made to ensure we can safely remove both graffiti and stains that others can't! We can save you up to 45% on your Labour costs. We'll get it off super fast!
  7. Cutting-edge proprietary cleaning solutions and extensive Research and Development mean that we can remove stains without damaging your property. Experience counts in this field; we get it right so you don't have top worry about making a costly mistake!
  8. We have extensive stain removal experience in treating every type of spill/stain/mark the universe can throw at us! Over 35 years experience means that we've seen your problem before; if you have a stain on a hard surface, we know how to fix it, fast.